Travel text

Travel text and copywriting

Great travel writing is so much more than simply describing a destination and assuming readers will be interested.

Your travel writing, copywriting and web text has to offer the reader something. There has to be a good reason for the reader to invest their valuable time in reading your message. And as with all good writing – travel or otherwise – story is king!

With a team of writers nationally, Peppercorn Productions provides travel text and copywriting services for a variety of uses and applications:

  • Travel features
  • Tour descriptions
  • Brochure copy
  • Advertorial copy
  • Web text/blogs
  • Commissioned travel pieces
  • Destination guides
  • Social media campaigns

We work on a simple negotiable per word fee structure, and we make the process easy. Just email a brief and your deadline and we’ll deliver as needed. We’ll check in with a draft early on just to make sure you’re happy with the direction.

For the most recent examples of our work, please visit The Big Bus tour and travel guide media page.

We are also happy to take part in famils and media trips whenever possible and to look for opportunities to publish that work through our own network.

If you’re looking for text on a particular destination but your budget doesn’t stretch to sending a writer, talk to us anyway. Through The Big Bus tour and travel guide and our work on the Tour the World television series, chances are we have a writer who has been there and can draw on that experience for your project.

For more information or to a discuss a particular project involving travel text and copywriting, please contact us.